Electrical Safety Tips for Students

Published by : SSA on 28 August 2018
When moving from home to home, electrical safety shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your safety is important to us as it should be to you. Turning a blind eye to electrical safety is a serious risk and hazard. The smallest electrical lapse could have you or your room mates in danger. Here are some useful electrical safety tips for your smart student accommodation.

#1 Avoid blowing a fuse, getting electro shocked or causing a fire!
Do NOT use foreign electrical plugs in UK sockets.

#2 If you have foreign electricals use EU conversion plugs and EU travel adaptors!
As a temporary short term fix we recommend that you bring EU conversion plugs and EU travel adopters to replace foreign appliances with UK standards.

#3 Think and act for the long term!
EU conversion plugs and travel adaptors should only be short term. We strongly recommend that you replace any foreign electrical appliances with UK Standard electrical appliances for the duration of your academic stay in the UK.

#4 Further improve your electrical safety
There are a few ways you can further improve your electrical safety:
SAFE SOCKETS - UK standard safe sockets are safety covers and cheap to buy. They secure your electricals for extra safety.

MULTI SOCKET ADAPTORS – There are a range of multi socket adaptors 4 way, 6 way, 8 way etc. multi-socket adopters, some of them even come with USB ports.

SHAVER FIT COVERS – Water splashes near electricals is a hazard. Ensure that shavers are covered with a fit cover.

Lastly be warned if you have a BROKEN POWER SOCKET in your room or have seen any broken sockets around the building, please ensure you report this to Smart Student Accommodation reception so that we can replace. It may seem like a minor concern but cracks in a power socket exposes you to open circuitry and fatal shocks.

We hope you have found these safety electrical tips useful, if you would like further advice and information please email us at info@smartstudentacccommodation.com

We wish you a safe stay at Smart Student Accommodation.
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