How to have a better term at university

Published by : Bella on 26 September 2017
Use a student planner
Having a student planner to get you through university is like the equivalent to having a holy book to get you through life. A student planner will help you plan and organise your workload and time management. Most universities supply students with planners, but if you have not been provided one don’t worry as you can easily buy one, make one or download an app for one.

Aim to start your coursework on the day its given
By starting your coursework on the day that its given to you, allows you to execute your ideas and learning whilst they are fresh in your mind. Starting early gives helps you worry less about deadlines, allows more time to put more effort in your work and helps you meet the deadlines on a timely manner.

Make time for yourself
It is so important that you take ‘time out’ of your busy student lifestyle and make some time for yourself to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Make it your goal to do something or go somewhere that you will find fun, relaxing or essential to your wellbeing.

Use study periods to study
Let’s make something clear study periods do not mean ‘holiday’. A study period is designated for students to research, plan and study or revise for upcoming exams. Embrace the opportunity that you have to do the best that you can do in that given period.

Remove distractions 
Whether you’re living on campus or private accommodation it is very easy to become distracted by people or things going on around you. You can avoid losing focus by removing core distractions. Don’t hang around with toxic people that you know are not good for you to be around, and avoid going to places or student parties if that’s not really what you want to do. Learn to say no and learn to prioritize what’s important to you.

Consolidate your learning with your lecturers and your peers
Understand that you can’t learn or do everything at once. Consolidating your learning with your lecturers and peers can really help improve your student journey and provide you with advice, reassurance and assistance. You’ll find that this type of ‘knowledge share’ and ‘team building ‘not only benefits you but benefits them too.

Attend or get more involved in university events and clubs
Playing a role at a university event, student committee or some type of after uni club can really help you have a better term at university because you’ll get a break from your studies and learn a lot more about yourself and others. Moreover, you’ll be able to develop essential soft skills and expand your CV.

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