Moving to London Student Packing Tips

Published by : SSA on 28 July 2017
Leaving home to study in London is an exciting venture, you’ll be eager to pack your bags and jet off, but slowdown Freshman take some useful tips and advice from someone who has been there, done that.

Don’t overpack
You may think that if you pack the majority of everything you own, you won’t be kicking yourself for leaving something behind. Truth is, you’ll be doing yourself a favour if you just pack ‘simply’. Ensure you have minimal clothes but for the right kind of climate (do you research). Don’t forget you have laundry facilities and lots of shopping trips that you can take advantage of being a student.

Lastly, avoid weighing yourself down with books, stationary, toiletries and food when you can purchase these when you have settled comfortably in your new city, or town.

Bring pictures and sentimental possessions
It may not feel essential to bring pictures of you, friends and family, or even physical objects that hold sentimental value, but remember these are things you cannot buy. You’ll never know when you will need them for comfort, motivation or other.

Simply, save all your favourite images to your electronic devices and ensure they are correctly backed up (you don’t want to lose any). This will ease lugging around a number of hardcopy pictures and provide you with quick, easy and downloadable and printable access.

Where sentimental physical object is desired, just be cautious of how and where you pack your things, obviously, you don’t want to lose anything under any circumstance.

Electronics is a must
Ensure you pack your PC/Laptop and mobile devices that you will use throughout university. Leaving these behind can delay you in your studies and costly. Most importantly don’t forget to pack the correct plugs, cables, chargers/battery packs, extension leads, USB sticks. It may also be useful to bring a portable printer/scanner with you when printing out your coursework at your own convenience.

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Check and check again
Give yourself enough time to pack, this will eliminate worries and stress. Get your checklist ready months before you pack. You will need one to prepare and remember everything you need to take. Most importantly don’t forget to add these to your checklist: passport, drivers licence, Insurance documentation, student loan documentation, bank details, cards and money, national insurance card, student accommodation documentation, university acceptance letter.

Lastly, we hope that you found these tips useful and we wish you the very best on this new journey you’re about to embark.
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