Finding part-time work as a student in London

Published by : SSA on 31 May 2023

Finding part time work as a Student in London

Finding part-time work as a student can help you earn some extra income and gain valuable work experience. Here are some smart tips for finding part-time work:

  1. Utilize Campus Resources: Many universities and colleges have job boards, career centres, social media and other resources that can help students find part-time work on campus these may include things like- dining services, residence life, and administrative offices.
  2. Online Job Boards: Websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn have large databases of part-time job listings. You can also use online job search engines specifically for students, like WayUp, InternMatch, and NACElink.
  3. Part-Time Job Fairs: Some universities and colleges host part-time job fairs. These events provide an opportunity to meet employers and learn about available job openings.
  4. Utilize Your Network: Talk to your friends, family, and professors about any part-time job opportunities they may know of. 

Remember to also be mindful of your class schedule and academic responsibilities when searching for a part-time job and be prepared to negotiate a flexible schedule with potential employers.

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