Student guide - how to stay organised

Published by : SSA on 13 October 2023

Are you a super tidy student in your accommodation or does your room need serious organising? 

How would you describe your room style?

What answer are you:

A. Good file management - Organised

B. Low priority, schedule task for later- Normal 

C. Totally random -What mess

D. Irretrievable document -Organised chaos

E. System crash. Shut down - Complete chaos

If you are C, D or E then you might find these storage hacks and suggestions useful for helping to stay on top of general housekeeping. It’s unlikely you will accomplish perfect Feng Shui or achieve the art of KonMari, but you might find some benefits even if it’s just that individually rolling your t shirts instead of folding them flat in a drawer makes them all instantly visible and easier to find.

Useful suggestions for organising your student accommodation space.

  • Rota – if you are sharing, then a disciplined rota will help share chores and responsibilities fairly to avoid unnecessary conflict and keep everything in order. Print out a rota and put it somewhere visible. 
  • Plastic Storage boxes – these are cost effective and extremely useful for containing items that tend to sit on surfaces or sit over the back of chairs. They come in many different sizes and can conveniently fit under beds or in cupboards. 
  • The clear plastic storage boxes are a good option as their transparency enables things to be quickly identified at a glance.
  • Shoe tidies – these can be either vertical shelves designed to contain pairs of shoes in cupboards, rather than allowing the shoes to get muddled under a bed or spread out across the floor. Another alternative is to keep shoe boxes to stack neatly and keep them out of sight.
  • Clear Shower curtains with pockets – if the bottles of shampoo and razors are cluttering up surfaces in your bathroom, then a shower curtain with pockets is quite useful and looks stylish. They are easy to find online and cost effective.
  • Jam jars – this is a good hack for being climate conscious. Recycle your jam jars. They can be used as storage jars for dry staples like rice, or keeping anything from spare leads to make up brushes in, and they are also useful if you have extra guests and run out of glasses.
  • Lastly, laundry basket or bag– somewhere to put clothes that need washing is generally a practical solution to laundry processes. If the bag is full, it’s a good indicator that you should do a wash load. 

Happy organising!

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