STUDENT SUMMER Top 10 things to do before Uni

Published by : Smart Student on 09 August 2017
 STUDENT SUMMER: Top 10 things to do before Uni
Exams are done, the results are in and you’ll officially be heading to university in September. Student summer has finally begun. To help you make the most of it we have listed top 10 things to do before uni.

1. Hangout with friends
You’ll probably make new friends and social circles  when you head off to uni, but hanging out with friends that you already have can really inject fun into your summer. From watching movies on Netflix, taking a road trip or going to a festival. These moments will create warm, fun memories for life.

2. Spend time with family
Considering you’ll be away from family life for months on end, the summer holidays give you the opportunity to spend some valuable, quality time with family. No matter how much they annoy you, you’re most likely to miss them when they’re not around.

3. Get fit and healthy
With excessive studying and nights out, student life can take a toll on you’re your physical fitness and mental health. Use the summer season to activate a fit and healthy lifestyle. At every opportunity eat healthy meals and snacks to give you the right nutrition. It’s also good to workout or participate in some type of sport to keep you physically fit and active.

4. Travel
It’s the summer holidays the best opportunity to travel. Find good deals to suit your summer budget. If you can’t afford to go overseas, there are always regional places (within a few hours reach) that you could visit and things to do for a day or a weekend.

5. Update your CV
Use some time to update your CV with the correct contact details, latest skills, experience and qualifications. Additionally, tidy up your digital footprint. Remove or tighten your privacy settings on any embarrassing or inappropriate photos on social media posts that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see.

6. Get a summer job
A summer job can help you gain experience, brush up your skills, earn your own money, keep you busy and enhance your social skills.  Summer jobs are also great for meeting other students, which can be good for talking uni and student nights.

7. Volunteer
Student volunteering over the summer holidays is a great way to make a real contribution to a good cause. You’ll have the chance to meet like minded people and have an amazing opportunity to boost your employment prospects.

8. Find a hobby
Challenge yourself to try something new or practice a hobby that you love. This will help you relax, clear your mind, promote joy and self fulfilment, and reject any sign of boredom.

9. Spend wisely
Budgeting over the summer can make life easier come the new academic term. Don’t spend you money before you’ve already seen it. Spend wisely and save your money, you’ll need it.

10. Finalise preparations for uni
Don’t leave things to chance at the last minute, ensure that you’ll have a roof over your head and the finances to safeguard your academic future. Guarantee any decisions are final, things are confirmed, and any doubts or questions are taken care of.

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