Where and how to volunteer as a student in London

Published by : SSA on 16 June 2023

Smart Student Accommodation is always looking to assist our Students with living, or adjusting to living, in London.  Volunteering is a great way to gain valuable experience, meet new people, and make a positive impact in the community or help highlight important causes. Here are some tips on where and how to volunteer in London:

  1. Research Local Organizations: Research local organizations and causes that align with your interests and values, such as environmental organizations, charities, or community centres.
  2. Volunteer Matching Services: Websites such as Do-it.org, Volunteer London, and TimeBank match volunteers with opportunities based on their skills and interests. You may find yourself helping at concerts or football matches, political events or something with architectural and historical interest.
  3. Reach Out to Local Community Centres: Contact your local community centre or town hall to learn about volunteer opportunities in your area.
  4. Volunteer through University or College: Many universities and colleges have service-learning programs that allow students to earn credit while volunteering in the community.
  5. Utilize Social Media: Use social media to find and connect with local volunteer opportunities.
  6. Attend Volunteer Fairs: Attend volunteer fairs to meet organizations and learn about available volunteer opportunities.

Remember to consider your schedule and responsibilities when selecting a volunteer opportunity and be prepared to commit to the volunteer work for a certain period of time.

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